Dental Implants

Missing teeth can affect you in multiple ways on a daily basis. Can you imagine how a restored and vibrant smile would affect you each day? It will not only make eating meals more enjoyable but it can boost your confidence as well. Whatever reason you have for wanting a beautiful smile, implants are a wonderful way to reach all of your smile goals.

There is no tooth replacement option that lasts longer. With the proper care, dental implants can last for decades. During the 3-step dental implant process, the implant, abutment and crown are put in place. The crown is custom-fabricated to look and feel natural. It is color-matched to blend in with your existing, surrounding teeth. It will look and feel like part of your natural smile. The entire process may take a few months to complete, but thousands of satisfied implant patients will testify that the results are well worth the effort! For those in Lima, OH who are interested in dental implants, contact us today and schedule a consultation. We can help you determine if implants are the best solution for you and get you on your way to a restored smile!