Root Canals

No one looks forward to a root canal treatment, but it may be the best choice for saving an infected tooth. Your dentist will recommend a root canal when infection has spread to the pulp of your tooth. If the infection is not treated, the tooth will become at risk of needing to be extracted. If your dentist can successfully remove the infection, most of the time, the tooth can be spared.

The root canal treatment involves the complete removal of infection and pulp from your tooth. Once the canal is empty, the dentist will fill it with medicated treatment and then seal the tooth. He will use a filling or crown to restore your tooth in appearance. Your dentist will be dedicated to your comfort throughout the treatment. Sedation dentistry is always available if it will put you at ease throughout the procedure. If a root canal treatment has been recommended by your dentist, please don’t delay! If you do, the pain will only increase and so will the possibility of an extraction. Let your dentist save that tooth with a root canal and help preserve the beauty of your smile. If you are in Lima, OH and are in need of a root canal, please call us today to set up an appointment.