General Dentistry

With regular dental checkups and consistency in thorough oral hygiene, you can avoid a great many dental problems and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile for many years. At Lima Community Dental, we are passionate about helping you maintain that healthy smile with as few dental procedures as possible.

Dental Exams & Cleanings

One of the vital purposes of regular exams and cleanings is to allow your dentist to inspect your teeth for any early signs of infection or decay. When we catch the symptoms early, it is always better for your smile. At a regularly-scheduled cleaning, you will receive a thorough exam, cleaning and x-ray. At these regular cleanings, plaque and tartar will be removed in a way that daily brushing and flossing alone may not do. The x-rays help your dentist see any early signs of decay in your teeth. During the exam, you can discuss with your dentist any concerns you may have about your teeth or gums. Other than your oral hygiene at home, there is nothing more important for your oral health than your regularly-scheduled dental exams.


Dental sealants that are applied to your molars in the back of your mouth create a protective coating that can protect your teeth for many years. This coating is able to reach difficult-to-reach areas and the deep crevices in and between your teeth. Sealants are known to help prevent tooth decay and cavities. This treatment can usually be applied during a regular dental exam.

Fluoride Treatments

Many dentists will recommend fluoride treatments as a way to strengthen your teeth.  As with dental sealants, fluoride treatments can usually be done quickly during a regular exam.

Oral Cancer Screenings

When oral cancer is detected early, it has a very high rate of successful treatment. The dentist will do a quick oral cancer screening during each of your regular exams in order to look for early warning signs of cancer.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

When a cavity is discovered in your teeth, fillings are placed in those cavities. The dentist will first remove the decay from the tooth. Then they will fill the resulting cavity with tooth-colored filling to seal that tooth and protect it from additional decay or damage.

Mouth Guards & Night Guards

Custom mouth guards are high on the list of recommendations for those involved in sports and strenuous activities. These can protect the smile from injury. These mouth guards can also save you from expensive and painful dental emergencies.

Nightguards can be a good solution for patients who may grind their teeth while they are asleep at night. Night guards have also been proven effective for patients that deal with TMJ or bruxism.

Second Opinions

If you have received a treatment plan, a recommendation, or a diagnosis from a different dentist, we are happy to offer a second-opinion visit to help you evaluate your options. If you are needing a second opinion, please call our office today and schedule an appointment.