There are many patients who put off needed dental care because they are filled with anxiety at just the thought of the dentist’s office. If that is the way that you feel, you are not alone. Don’t let fear or anxiety prevent you from keeping a beautiful smile! Sedation dentistry can provide a wonderful solution for the patients who are in this situation. You can feel at ease and completely relaxed during any treatment. At Lima Community Dental, we can offer three types of sedation for your benefit.

Nitrous Oxide

The most commonly used sedation is nitrous oxide. This is a mild form of sedation commonly known as “laughing gas”. It is administered to the patient with a face mask.  Shortly after putting on the mask, the patient begins to feel relaxed. While using nitrous oxide, the patient can interact with the dentist and staff as necessary, but are not bothered by smells or sounds. At the end of the appointment, the mask is removed and the effects quickly wear away. You should be able to continue your normal activities as soon as the visit is over.

Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation is administered as a pill. This oral sedation begins to relax you shortly after you take it. With this treatment, you will need to prepare for a driver to take you home after your appointment. Oral sedation is effective throughout your appointment and will help you feel relaxed and comfortable. You will likely remember little or nothing regarding your treatment and it is possible that you will sleep throughout the treatment and the appointment. Oral sedation may not wear off for a few hours after your treatment.

IV Sedation

As its name suggests, IV sedation is given to the patient through an IV. This sedation is effective nearly immediately. The dentist and his staff will be able to control the amount of sedation based on your needs throughout the procedure. You will almost certainly feel drowsy afterward and will remember little about the appointment. Similar to the other sedation methods, you will feel relaxed and at ease throughout your treatment. This method of sedation is commonly used for more extensive visits and for more serious treatments. Don’t let your worries keep you from a beautiful smile! Get the care you need and want with the assistance of sedation dentistry. If you live in Lima, OH and have questions about sedation dentistry and how it can help you, please call us today to make an appointment!