Dental Implants

Missing teeth can affect you in multiple ways on a daily basis. Can you imagine how a restored and vibrant smile would affect you each day? It will not only make eating meals more enjoyable but it can boost your confidence as well. Whatever reason you have for wanting a beautiful smile, implants are a […]

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There are many patients who put off needed dental care because they are filled with anxiety at just the thought of the dentist’s office. If that is the way that you feel, you are not alone. Don’t let fear or anxiety prevent you from keeping a beautiful smile! Sedation dentistry can provide a wonderful solution

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Root Canals

No one looks forward to a root canal treatment, but it may be the best choice for saving an infected tooth. Your dentist will recommend a root canal when infection has spread to the pulp of your tooth. If the infection is not treated, the tooth will become at risk of needing to be extracted.

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The best time to start working on your dream smile is today! Don’t wait to make progress on your smile. Orthodontic treatment can help you realize those dreams. Let our dedicated team at Lima Community Dental help you achieve the beautiful smile that you have always hoped for. The best way to determine a treatment

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General Dentistry

With regular dental checkups and consistency in thorough oral hygiene, you can avoid a great many dental problems and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile for many years. At Lima Community Dental, we are passionate about helping you maintain that healthy smile with as few dental procedures as possible. Dental Exams & Cleanings One of the

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Extractions should always be a last resort, but sometimes it is unavoidable. At times, an extraction can actually be a benefit for your smile. As an example, sometimes a crooked smile can be more easily straightened when a tooth is removed from an overcrowded smile. This can create the space for your other teeth to

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Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have been wishing that you could restore your smile to its original beauty, cosmetic dentistry may be the perfect solution for you. There are numerous options in the field of cosmetic dentistry that can help you improve your smile and the first step is to determine which treatment plan will work for you.

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